Sunday, June 21, 2009

Favorite Book

One of my favorite books is, "Following the Light of Christ into His Presence" by John Pontius. Personal Revelation and obedience to personal revelation is the way to true and everlasting happiness. John Pontius helps you more fully understand the importance of Lehi's dream and listening to and obeying personal revelation. You can find this book on

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  1. Hi Debra, what an amazing woman you are to offer a site to help women to find hope with depression. It's a hard one!
    Fate I came across your site and say John's book. John Pontius is my uncle and he does have a wonderful book. He was just in town (Utah) offering a lecture, couldn't make it myself but I heard it was wonderful. I think he's going to be offering another lecture...(need to check). You can contact me at

    Sincerely, Julie-jann
    crazi founder of